glee comic con 2012 'Glee' Season 4 scoop from Comic Con 2012: 'Call Me Maybe,' NYADA drama and moreBefore you ask, yes, all of the “Glee” regulars will be back in some capacity during Season, and no, it’s not yet been determined when, why and how long people will return. But the cast and creators did reveal a few Season 4 details during the show’s Comic-Con 2012 panel.

Here’s what we learned:

– Season 4 will pick up in September, at the beginning of the school year. But the McKinley kids aren’t the only ones going back: Rachel will also be starting at NYADA around the same time.

– Kurt will still be in Lima, though we don’t know for how long. Eventually, he’ll probably head to New York City and join Rachel. “Those two are best friends,” says co-creator Brad Falchuk, so you can’t keep them apart for long.

– “Santana is at the University of Louisville. She’s a cheerleader and she’s working hard on her cheers,” says Falchuk.

– As for Finn, nobody really knows what he’s up to “He went off on this adventure and nobody really knows what happened to him,” Falchuk explains.

Chord Overstreet is in talks to return as a regular. “The Glee Project” winner Samuel Larsen and runner-up Alex Newell will also probably return in some capacity.

– Rachel and Finn are apart for now, but how will the other couples fare? Naya Rivera says she hopes Brittany and Santana are doing well. “I think that right now, as we left it, they’re really good and they definitely love each other so I hope that they make it.”

Jenna Ushkowitz teases that although Mike and Tina said they were going to try to make long distance work, a lot can happen over a summer. Kurt and Blaine will be doing well, but Darren Criss says he hopes they either weather the long-distance storm when Kurt moves to New York, or they break up disastrously. Their relationship will either crash and burn or be a great success, and he doesn’t know which.

– What of Will and Emma? “They’re still engaged and very much in love and living together and doing very dirty things,” says Falchuk.

– The second episode back will be another Britney Spears tribute. Obviously it’ll feature a lot of Heather Morris, but Falchuk says it’ll also tie back to Rachel’s struggles at NYADA.
– With leadership spots up for grabs at McKinley, Kevin McHale says Artie will gun for a top spot in New Directions. “I will roll over everybody’s feet to get that crown.”

– What other songs could we hear in Season 4? Lea Michele wants to sing Robyn’s “Dancing on my Own,” while Criss fully anticipates that someone will have to sing the inevitable “Call Me Maybe” cover.

What do you want to see in “Glee” Season 4?

Posted by:Jean Bentley