glee season 6 premiere spoilers loser like me 'Glee' Season 6 premiere spoilers: Rachel's new job, a 'Frozen' cover and moreNow that “Glee” is back in production for its sixth and final season, details about the new episodes are finally starting to leak out. For starters: What is it that brings Rachel, Blaine, Kurt Sam and more back to Lima, Ohio from their big city lives?

MJ’s Big Blog got a hold of details and song spoilers from the premiere episode, “Loser Like Me,” and Klaine fans aren’t going to be too happy about it. The biggest revelation? Kurt and Blaine, who seemed happy at the end of Season 5, broke up. When the season begins, Blaine is back home, coaching the Warblers — and dating KAROFSKY.

Rachel moves home too, and tries to re-start a glee club at McKinley, which she will lead.

As for the music, naturally the show’s resident theater diva will take on “Let it Go” from “Frozen” (which will probably sound spectacular, and was originally sung by Lea Michele’s “Glee” mom, Idina Menzel). There’ll be some more theater with a “Little Shop of Horrors” cover by Rachel and Blaine and some more contemporary tunes courtesy of the Warblers’ Ed Sheeran cover, “Sing.”

How do you feel about the Karofsky news? Are you excited to hear Lea Michele take on Adele Dazeem’s big hit?

Posted by:Jean Bentley