glee 304 quinn puck 'Glee' spoilers: 'Tommy' talk, Season 4 scoop and moreWhen “Glee” returns to FOX on April 10, we’ll have gone nearly two full months without any new episodes. Tragic!

Luckily, now that we’re approaching April 10, news about the latter half of Season 3 has started to emerge, and it sounds like our friends at McKinley High will be facing plenty of challenges after Quinn’s big texting-while-driving accident.

Quinn’s fate is still unknown, but FOX exec Dana Walden tells TV Line that the events happening in the final few episodes of the season will have a major effect on Season 4. “It’s exciting and is driving towards graduation and an exciting end to the season,” she says, and the “emotional,” “funny” episodes will lead to “a very powerful finale when viewers get to see what’s on the horizon for all of these characters that people love so deeply. We’re [building to] a very exciting launch into next season.”

As for future plans, the Chicago Tribune reports that Ryan Murphy and co. are thinking of staging a “Tommy” themed episode — yes, as in The Who’s rock musical. A crazy idea, but hey — it could work! We’ve seen stranger things on this show.

Walden also gave TV Line some scoop on the upcoming Season 4, which will incorporate McKinley’s graduating seniors in some as-yet-untold way. “I see it as a continuation of ‘Glee,'” she says. “I don’t define it in any one way or another. It feels like ‘Glee’ to me. The ideas that Ryan’s discussed with me feel consistent with this amazing series. It feels very consistent in a dynamic and entertaining way.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley