Jaymamays_glee_290 As a love story, it’s not quite “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” But the time-traveler’s crush is returning to “Heroes.”

NBC confirms that Jayma Mays, who played Charlie, the object of Hiro’s (Masi Oka) affection in the first season of “Heroes,” will reprise her role on the show this fall. Mays will also star in FOX’s “Glee” this fall, but as that show has already finished shooting its initial 13 episodes, she can get away to do “Heroes.”

When we last saw Charlie on “Heroes,” Hiro was traveling back in time in a frantic prevent to prevent her death at the hands of Sylar (Zachary Quinto). It didn’t work — Hiro, at least at that time, was unable to change the past — but it didn’t stop fans from pining for the return of the sweet-natured waitress, who made a strong impression in her three-episode stint.

They’ll get their wish in the fall; NBC says the episode featuring Mays’ character will likely air in November. And given that teasers for the new season hint at Hiro falling under the sway of Robert Knepper’s Samuel, we’re guessing that her return may not be all for the good.

“Heroes” premieres on Monday, Sept. 21.

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Posted by:Rick Porter