darren criss glee 320 'Glee': Darren Criss covers 'Hey, Soul Sister' and in a word it's flawlessWe almost wish Glee” would stop giving us so much Blaine goodness because we’re this close to tattooing Darren Criss’ name on our bodies. Almost.

A clip from next week’s (Nov. 30) episode “Special Education” (a.k.a. Sectionals!) has been released and it seems like New Directions has their work cut out for them as the Dalton Academy Warblers with new transfer Kurt (Chris Colfer) totally rock Train’s hit song “Hey, Soul Sister.” While we prefer Criss’ “Teenage Dream” cover a tiny bit more (we’re still listening to it on repeat), we still smell another Billboard smash for the show’s new fan favorite.

It seems like Criss’ Blaine is the more awesome (yes, we went there) version of Jonathan Groff’s Jesse St. James: He sings lead the entire time while the rest of the team backs him up, but he’s really nice and cute so it’s OK.

It’s refreshing to see Kurt happy and smiling after dealing with the constant bullying at McKinley. Also, how cute is Rachel (Lea Michele) staring up at Kurt like a proud stage-mom and reminding him to smile? Even cuter? Criss’ facial expression when he sings “So gangster, I’m so thug.” Too perfect.

Watch the video below, Zappers and then join us in our Darren Criss swoonfest in the comments!

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