There are a lot of good-looking young men on “Glee.” Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, knows this. That is probably why he tweeted out a couple of photos supposedly from a “Men of McKinley High” calendar. So which members of New Directions are Mr. July and Mr. December?

That would be Blake Jenner (Ryder) and Darren Criss (Blaine), respectively.

It is entirely possible that there will never be any additional photos added to the calendar, but there is plenty of eye candy to be found in the two photos we have seen.

Criss’ Christmas-themed pose is especially impressive. The young man grasps a large candy cane while posing shirtless (and with his Santa pants pulled way down) in a festive scene. Talk about holiday cheer…

Jenner, on the other hand, is nothing more than an all-American stud of a man with his Uncle Sam hat and shorts. And nothing else. The fireworks going off behind him are probably appropriate for the reactions this photo might inspire.

Why is there a “Men of McKinley High” calendar? The only answer we have dates back to a season-2 line spoken by Sam (Chord Overstreet). While readying himself for a performance of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” the blond beauty mentioned that he had been asked to pose for Mr. June.

That does leave 9 more months to fill if we are ever to get the calendar to become a reality. The 9 remaining McKinley men (keeping it to past and present students to minimize the “creepy” factor) are:

Artie Abrams
Wade “Unique” Adams
Mike Chang
Rory Flanagan
Joe Hart
Finn  Hudson
Kurt Hummel
Jake Puckerman
Noah Puckerman

Who would you choose for each month?

Posted by:Laurel Brown