glee dianna cory party 'Glee': We take you inside the Spring Premiere partyZap2it was live on the scene at the “Glee” Spring Soiree April 12 at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. The entire cast was there with the exception of our favorite OCD teacher.

Also in attendance were highly anticipated upcoming guest stars Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, and Molly Shannon.

We caught up with Zap2it fave Chris Colfer to tell him that his performance in the April 27 episode “Home” made us
cry, and he apologized profusely. “People are always telling me I make them
cry! I guess that’s better than saying I make them vomit, though,
right?” he joked.

Glee’ Notes: Seen and heard around the room
When a fan asked Mark Salling if the cast gets along off-screen as well as they seemed to on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” Salling replied “Yeah! Well, the guys do, anyway.” Uh-oh! Trouble in the McKinley High ladies locker room? From what we saw, the female cast seems to get along just fine.

Jenna Ushkowitz crowded into a photo booth with guest director Joss Whedon and two other friends to make wacky faces at the camera.

Cory Montieth camped out next to the short ribs wtih a beer for most of the night. He was all smiles as he snapped pictures with fans and mingled with everyone who wandered by. Finn and Quinn may be on the outs, but Monteith gave Dianna Agron a big hug when she came up to say hello. No wonder he was excited to see her — she looked absolutely stunning!

A gaggle of adoring fans surrounded Jane Lynch while she snuck a smoke outside. Oh no, what would Sue Sylvester think? Lynch and Romy Rosemont (whose performance as Finn’s mom in the April 27 episode “Home” will blow you away) chatted for most of the night.

Matt Morrison wasn’t afraid to dance a bit when the D.J. played “Don’t Stop Believing.” We spotted him chatting with Idina Menzel and her husband “Private Practice” star Taye Diggs for a long time. Menzel and Morrison have some steamy scenes in the spring premiere, when she makes her debut as the director of Vocal Adrenaline, New Directions’ rival show choir.

Lea Michele and guest star Jonathan Groff skipped most of the press line and rarely let go of each other’s hands inside the party. Don’t get any ideas, though: these two definitely aren’t a couple.Though Lea and Jonathan played lovers for years during their “Spring Awakening” Broadway run, she’s not his type. Groff is dating fellow Broadway star Gavin Creel.

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