glee dog days are over 'Glee': Which song was best? 'Dog Days Are Over,' 'Time of My Life,' 'Hey, Soul Sister' and moreIt’s an eclectic mix of songs on “Glee’s” Sectionals episode, and they’re certainly doing a good job of throwing in current hits in with the classics.

We’re still giving the top prize to Darren Criss , not just because he’s awesome, but his cover of “Hey, Soul Sister” is rather pretty and inspiring. But we get ahead of ourselves. Let’s hit the songs in the order in which they were sung.

“Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” – Rachel, Kurt

First of all, this is perfect for the two divas, and even has a few hilarious moments tied to it. Rachel is just such an unrepentant spotlight hog, we kind of love her for that. Blaine motioning Kurt to lower his arms is another favorite. So Rachel sort of got a solo after all.

Here’s Madonna’s version from “Evita.”

“The Living Years” – The Hipsters

The cane with feet is a great touch. You can’t write that stuff. Wait, they just did. Some great singing though. Is it anyone we know?

Listen to Mike and the Mechanics’ original:

“Hey, Soul Sister” – Dalton Academy Warblers

Yes, we still love it, not only for the great singing, but the uncertain expression on Kurt’s face and Puck’s super-angry face. It’d be nice if the Warblers added a bit to their side-shuffle dance repertoire though.

“(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” – Sam and Quinn, New Directions

Okay, who doesn’t like this “Dirty Dancing” song? We enjoyed this, but nothing can beat the images from the film, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey seething with chemistry. Unfortunately, that movie clip is protected, but we do have this:

“Valerie” – Santana, New Directions

It was fun to watch, especially with Mike Chang and Brittany dancing, but we’re not crazy about how it sounded. It lacked something and didn’t really feel worthy of the standing O.

Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse’s version:

“Dog Days Are Over” – Mercedes, Tina and New Directions

Totally cute, especially with the hand-clapping. This is just a solid song, period, and we’re kind of digging this softer version. We wonder if this is symbolic of New Directions’ (under)dog days being over? Nah.

Florence + the Machine’s scary beautiful 2010 version:

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