glee jessalyn gilsig matthew morrison substitute 320 'Glee': Will disses Terri post smushingGleeks, we’re about to become very unpopular here, but maybe Terri Schuester isn’t completely evil and didn’t deserve to be treated that way? Jessalyn Gilsig thinks Will (Matthew Morrison) has finally shown himself to be a true jerk.

We’re talking about Tuesday’s (Nov. 16) “Glee” episode “The Substitute,” in which Will comes down with the virulent William McKinley High School bug, which infantalizes him and keeps him bedridden.

Spoilers! Please watch the episode before reading further and getting righteously angry.

Terri swoops in to take care of him: Cooking, cleaning after him, speaking baby talk, giving him his remedy movie “Singin’ in the Rain,” massaging him and uh, massaging him.

So here’s the thing: Even if she has an ulterior motive, which is getting back together with him, what’s so horrible about that? Yes, she’s kind of shrewish, but you know, we kind of feel sorry for her. “Last night was a mistake,” he tells her. “I was lonely, and you were there.” Ouch. And then he tells her to never come back. Wow, so just use her and toss her away just like those tissues you’ve snotted into, right Will?

This is where Mr. Schue went wrong: a) He should never have slept with her again b) Since he did, he should have treated her more kindly afterward. She also cared for him during his illness and they have history. That counts for some kindness, right? c) He could have at least told her Holly was not a girlfriend so she wouldn’t feel so cheap and used.

Oh, and we hope they used protection!

Well, Terri’s going to get a love interest soon, and we hope he’s fabulous and she gets over Will for good.

Do you support Will’s actions or (just for this episode) do you side with Terri?

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Sue’s best lines (there were so many …):

  • “You make the underflaps of my breast burn like when I rub them with poison sumac.”
  • “You throw them a comb and hope they stop beating each other long enough to whittle a shiv.”
  • “I’d suggest selling yourself on Craigslist under the heading ‘Men seeking men with butt chins.'”

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