glee cast turnover 320 'Glee': Would you watch the show with a new cast?“Glee” has so far been very good at not specifying whether its characters are high school sophomores, juniors or seniors. But it can’t avoid the issue forever — in fact, co-creator Ryan Murphy is already looking ahead to graduation.

“I think you have to be true to the fact that here is a group of people who come and go in these teachers’ lives,” Murphy says in an interview with Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper. “They graduate and they’re gone.”

Murphy says he’s looking at the end of Season 3 in 2012 for at least some of the show’s characters — including, probably, Finn (Cory Monteith), Rachel (Lea Michele) and Quinn (Dianna Agron). “Every year we’re going to populate a new group,” he says in the interview. “There’s nothing more depressing than a high schooler with a bald spot.”

That means that, come Season 4 of the show, New Directions could have completely turned over its membership — which is what happens in any real high school, but can be a difficult thing to pull off on a TV series.

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Posted by:Rick Porter