cory glee paley 'Glee's' Cory Monteith: Finn and Rachel are 'clearly in love with each other'Though Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) may have evolved significantly since we first met her on “Glee,” some things never change. In the most recent episode Quinn was pretty frank — at least in voiceovers — about her fierce desire to be prom queen. All she needs is Finn on her arm and she’s a shoe in.

Zap2it caught up with Cory Monteith at “Glee’s” PaleyFest event to see how the Finn/Quinn/Rachel love triangle will work out. It looks like Finn won’t remain clueless for long… at least in relative terms. “I think Finn is being used by Quinn for her prom queen aspirations,” Monteith teases. “So I think he’s gonna wise up to that at some point and maybe that’ll send him back in the other direction.”

We just can’t help but wonder how Finn got himself into this little love triangle to begin with. He was understandably upset after Rachel (Lea Michele) kissed Puck, but we couldn’t figure out why he’d run back into Quinn’s arms. You know, Quinn. The girl who had wine-cooler-fueled sex with Puck, got pregnant, and convinced Finn that the baby was his because of a premature hot-tub ejaculation.

(When you write it all down like that, it sounds pretty crazy.)

So when we got the chance to speak with executive producers Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy on the red carpet, we got the dish on just why Finn is able to forgive Quinn, but not Rachel.

“Because it creates conflict for the show,” was Murphy’s inital answer, but he went on to elaborate. “Quinn is Finn’s first love. Think about the first person you were in love with. That’s a fascinating relationship, that first real love. I would forgive my first love anything, but not my second boyfriend. Plus, [Quinn]’s the temptress.”

That said, there’s still hope for Finn and Rachel. Falchuk tells us, “People are complicated. Just because he doesn’t forgive her now doesn’t mean he’s never going to forgive her. He forgave Quinn eventually, he’ll forgive Rachel eventually.”

We’re hoping it’ll be sooner rather than later. The producers assure us that the Finn/Quinn/Rachel triangle will be prominently explored as the New Directions continue their journey to Nationals — they say it’s a “huge” part of the next six episodes.

Monteith has enjoyed the time that Finn and Rachel have shared together during their breakup, like the scenes in which she confides in him or asks his advice about her performances. “It’s interesting,” he says. “They’re clearly in love with each other, but they’re apart.” He notes that Finn changes a little bit depending on whether he’s with Quinn, Rachel, or whether he’s single.

In the meantime, will Rachel find love elsewhere? Mark Salling is coy about the idea of Rachel and Puck hooking up again. “Finn and Rachel are the core,” he says. “The foundation.” He still has fun exploring the “contrast between the really good girl and the really bad boy.” He shrugs. “Puck gets around. It’s all good.”

Stay tuned to Zap2it for tons more news on your favorite couples and what’s to come on “Glee.” In the meantime, check out our red carpet sneak peek to hear Monteith talk about the love triangle and his band, Bonnie Dune, below.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie