Actor Mike O’Malley is on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday (Oct. 10) to talk about his new show “Welcome to the Family,” but of course Ellen also asks him about Cory Monteith‘s passing, which will be recognized by “Glee” Thursday night.

“I think that the writers … have taken this incredible task, which was to write a story about a character who passed away and yet honor the actor and really show the audience the love that the cast and the crew, but also that the audience, had for him. It’s one of the most beautiful episodes they’ve ever written on that show,” says O’Malley.

“Everyone in the cast is dealing with it in their own way because they all had their relationship with him. … They were an incredibly close unit, I was always on the periphery, on the outside of this cast,” he continues. “What they went through was such a massive experience of fame and exposure and success. And I think that they all handled it quite well.”

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“The interesting thing about shooting the episode is you’re tasked with doing your job, which is … telling the story. It’s a story that’s important to tell because I think the audience, he was an important character to them, but yet everyone in the audience — and you — realize when you’re doing this episode that it’s about someone who’s gone.”

“And that was the very hard thing. You wanted to honor him, you wanted to honor his life and yet he was very important to the audience. … When you connect with somebody in that way or they carry a story for you and then suddenly they’re gone, it’s really emotional for an audience, whether you knew him personally or not.”

“The Quarterback” airs Thursday, Oct 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX and “Welcome to the Family” airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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