cory monteith getty 'Glee's' Cory Monteith: 'I might do construction'

While we love watching Cory Monteith sing and dance for us every week on “Glee,” we have to say his secondary career choice has got us a little hopeful…
The former Walmart greeter (seriously?) tells Us Weekly that if his days as Finn were all over tomorrow, he’d consider taking up post as a construction worker. Um, could you all hold on while we enjoy that mental image for a few moments?
“I really enjoyed that. It’s very tangible and you’re outside all day. It’s good fun,” Cory says of his previous hard-hat wearing days. Now let us tell you what else would be fun, sitting inside with an ice cold lemonade watching Cory (shirtless, of course) working away in the summer heat. How long do we think “Glee” will be on the air, again? 
Cory appreciates his days of odd jobs, though we’d bet he appreciates the paycheck of his new gig more.

“If you’re an aspiring actor and you want a good character study, you should be a taxi driver for a while — you see a lot of characters,” he tells the mag. 
The idea of taxi driver doesn’t really do it for us, but we’re sure there are plenty of other sexy professions Cory could do a character study on. 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci