jessalyn gilsig glee 320 'Glee''s Jessalyn Gilsig wants Justin Timberlake to be Terri's love interestIt’s not easy being the woman behind “Glee”‘s Terri Schuester.

Playing a lunatic is tiring, especially when there’s a fake pregnancy involved. And on top of that, it turns out poor Jessalyn Gilsig (Terri) is being kept away from the show’s high-profile guest stars too.

When KTV got some quality time with her this week, we asked if she had worked with Neil Patrick Harris or Joss Whedon on the “Glee” episode they’re currently filming, but she told us she wouldn’t really be crossing paths with either of them.

“It’s so hard when you’re Terri — for a lot of reasons — but one is them is that I’m kind of isolated,” Gilsig says in the clip below. “So unless I go to set and stalk [Neil]… I really should, actually. I kind of was really upset, I was there one day and they were like, Oh you just missed Olivia Newton-John. And I was like, Come on, guys!… Listen, apparently I’m trouble. They keep me far away and then bring me in when no one they need to impress is around.”

Gilsig is of course joking. For the most part. And she did have better luck when it came to a certain “Wicked” actress who will appear in the second half of the season. 

“I did meet Idina [Menzel], thank you,” she says. “But Kristin [Chenoweth] was the same thing [as Olivia Newton-John]. I remember coming to set and saying i can’t wait to meet her, and they were like, She just left. I feel like there’s a conspiracy. I’m getting really freaked out.”

Well, freaked out or not, we feel like a famous love interest for T. Scheuster could make up for what she’s missed.

“Oh my gosh!” Gilsig exclaimed when we proposed the plan. “Do you mean Justin Timberlake? Okay!… [Justin] should play Justin Timberlake… Excellent. Done. Make the call.”

I mean, it would be kind of perfect, right?

Check out the video for more from Gilsig on this, as well as how Terri will react to losing her man (whom we last saw kissing another woman in the school hallway)…

P.S., we’re going to be stalking talking with the cast of “Glee” at PaleyFest Saturday evening, so hit us with any questions for them in the comments section.

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