lea michele dying wish 'Glee's' Lea Michele makes video for dying fanWhat rumors of diva behavior? “Glee” star Lea Michele showed her soft side when she recorded a hopeful message for an ailing fan named Adam, whose dying wish was to connect with his favorite actress.

The Willow Foundation, an organization that helps provide “special days” for ailing 16- to 40-year-olds in the UK, got in touch with Michele about Adam.

“Hey Adam!” Michele says. “I’m working a flipcam, so I’m simultaneously looking at myself in the mirror to make sure that I’m doing this correct.” It’s an endearing moment, catching Michele outside her Rachel Berry quirkiness or her cool red carpet glam.

She gives the fan a nice glimpse into her world by showing him around the makeup room at her photoshoot, and she even gets Amber Riley to shout a “Hi!” from the next room. “I heard you were a fan of the show so I just wanted to say hello,” she says. “I just wanted to wish you well and tell you to stay strong and I’m sending you good vibes. Good ‘Glee’ happy vibes.””

Sadly, Adam passed away on Dec. 22, 2010. He did get a chance to see Michele’s video before he passed, and his family says it “brightened up his last few days.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie