glee schue finale 'Glee's' 'To Sir, With Love': Here's to Mr. SchuesterAt its heart, “Glee” is a show about inclusion and about arts education, which was proven in the June 8 finale when even the diabolical Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) acted like an educator for once. Though Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) may beg to differ, the hero of the story is Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), the teacher who may stumble but ultimately maintains faith in his students.

In the finale, New Directions performed “To Sir, With Love,” from the film of the same name in tribute to Mr. Schue for all the lessons he’s taught them over the season. The performance reduced most of the characters to tears — and okay, some of us at home were crying, too.

“To Sir, With Love” is a 1967 British drama that starred Sydney Poitier as a noble teacher at an inner-city school. It’s based on the novel by E. R. Braithwright. The song, by Lulu, was the Billboard #1 pop single in 1967.

We think the song was a well-deserved nod not only to Mr. Schuester but to art teachers everywhere who have to fight for funding.

If you want to check out the lyrics of the song, don’t miss our “Glee” karaoke post.

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Credit: FOX

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie