glenn-beck-american-airlines-boycott-pics-apology.jpgConservative commentator Glenn Beck is not only vowing to boycott American Airlines for the way he says he was treated on a recent flight, but he also used his radio show for the second day in a row on Wednesday (Sept. 5) to lash out at the airline. Beck says the poor treatment he received from a flight attendant was punishment for his political views.

“My flight attendant … merely barked the word ‘breakfast’ when he came to me,” Beck says on his show Tuesday. “When others were politely asked if they cared for anything to eat and given the choices, I was just barked at. When he delivered a soda, he slammed it down so hard, I hesitated to even open the can for fear that it would spray all over other passengers in the cabin. By the way, the other passengers, nobody else had to open their can. He opened it and poured it for them. Never once did he look me in the eye. Never once did he offer a kind or even a neutral word to me. I had service unlike I have never had ever before in my life, and I have had rude service before. I lived in New York City. I have never had service that was specifically designed to make me feel subhuman. Oh, I had it. He put on quite a show as he fawned over the other passengers proudly and loudly performing his life story about being a former Israeli soldier and how he was so proud of the very liberal cities in America.”  

Beck, who said he believes the flight attendant should be fired, also tweeted about the experience, writing, “I hope I am the last person who has to experience this type of treatment on @AmericanAir.”

The airline responded with, “We’re sorry for your experience. We take these matters seriously and are investigating. We’ll stay in contact with your staff.”

On his radio show Wednesday, Beck continues, “These big, stodgy airlines that think they can treat people like garbage — they can’t.”

According to the Associated Press, American Airlines spokesman Matt Miller says, “We are sorry for the experience Mr. Beck had on a recent flight. The comfort and satisfaction of our customers are very important priorities to us and we take these matters seriously. We have reached out to Mr. Beck’s office and are actively looking into the situation.”  

Miller says the airline is still trying to determine what exactly happened on the flight and declined to comment as to whether the flight attendant would be fired.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper