Yes, you read that right: Glenn Beck is launching his own denim line, and the decision to do it is as right-wing as everything else he’s done publicly.

The television news host made the announcement of his new line of denim on his show this morning, and spent around 10 minutes explaining why he made such a somewhat surprising career decision.

“I am an entrepreneur at heart. I am not a political pundit,” Beck tells viewers, referencing a Levi’s commercial that aired last year which included footage from the Occupy Wall Street riots as the tipping point for his decision to delve into the jean-creating business. “[Levi’s] said, ‘We want to be the uniform of the progressive movement.’ And that’s when I took off my pair of Levi’s.”

Beck went to Cone Denim, the company that Levi’s got their denim from before they turned to off-shore sources for the majority of their product, and had them develop the fabric for his new Made in America jeans, sold through his 1791 Supply & Co. brand. As he makes clear in the above video, this is his response to Levi’s as a company.

Made in America jeans are available for men in two different styles. Each costs $129.99 and are available in limited quantities. Beck might not be into boycotts as he repeatedly states, but it will be interesting to see if his fashion statement makes any sort of impact. We know that people involved in the Occupy movements likely won’t be picking up a pair.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz