glenn beck apology Glenn Beck harrassed? Pundit claims 'hateful' people attacked his familyCan’t a man just go see a movie with his family? Political pundit and former Fox News anchor Glenn Beck told radio listeners during his show on Tuesday that he just wanted to watch an outdoor screening of a Hitchcock film with his family when they were attacked by “hateful people” in a “hostile situation.”

Beck says that a fellow moviegoer kicked wine onto his wife’s back, and when she and his daughter got up to use the bathroom, someone in there pointed at them and yelled, “We hate conservatives here!” (They were in New York City.)

“These people were some of the most hateful people I’ve ever seen. All I
wanted to do was watch a movie in the park. I have a right to watch and
enjoy a movie in the park,” Beck says. “If I had suggested ‘Does anybody have a rope? Because there’s a tree
here. You could just lynch me.’ I think there would’ve been a couple in
the crowd that would’ve.”

Don’t pity Beck, though. Instead, pity his attackers — he does. “I feel sorry for you, I really feel sorry for you because he you are 25
years old and you are so lost, so arrogant, and so convinced you are 100
percent right and you are helping build a system that is fueled by
hate. You’re being used and you don’t even know it,” he said, addressing the harassers on the show.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie