amy poehler adam scott hart to hart reunion 'GMA': Amy Poehler, Adam Scott lead Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers 'Hart to Hart' reunion

When it came time to do host a “Hart to Hart” reunion interview, there truly were no one better to ask than Amy Poehler and Adam Scott. The “Parks and Recreation” stars teamed up to bring “Hart to Hart” back to life for a “Greatest Event in Television History” skit, so it made sense that they sit down with stars Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers for an Entertainment Weekly coordinated reunion.

“You two still kind of act like you’re married, in a nice way,” Poehler notes of the pair in an interview that aired on “Good Morning America.”

Wagner, 83, says that the key to keeping Hart and Hart happy on screen was not causing them problems in their relationship. That meant no affairs and no children.

“We never got into any domestic squabbles,” he says. “We fought very hard for that.”

Powers adds that their characters were “two people who were adults who were in love with each other who had chosen to be together and were there because of free will.”

Powers recalls that she first met Wagner on the set of “West Side Story,” as she had a role in the film that was later cut. During filming, she says she remembers seeing “the two most beautiful people in the world,” Wagner and his late wife Natalie Wood.

Since “Hart to Hart” went off the air in 1984, eight TV movies were released starring the couple, the last one coming out in 1996. Scott asks if there’s hope of a ninth. “Why, you got some money?” Powers, 70, responds with a laugh.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz