GoDaddy has released its first Super Bowl commercial for 2014, and it features a big change from last year. Bodybuilders are front and center in this light-hearted and musical romp into the world of web hosting.

As cheerful music plays, a herd of bodybuilders runs through the streets of a non-descript city. They are joined by Danica Patrick (in a muscle suit) at one point. Finally, their destination is revealed to be a spray-tanning salon, run by an ambitious tanner who apparently created a website for her business.

Although you can watch the ad anytime online, the TV debut will be on Feb. 2 during the second half of the Super Bowl on FOX.

This represents a big change for GoDaddy after last year’s Super Bowl ad featured nerdy actor Jesse Heiman kissing model Bar Refaeli, and several years before that playing up the sex appeal of Patrick and other women.

Posted by:Laurel Brown