adventures of tintin Golden Globe Awards 2012: 'The Adventures of TinTin' snags a statuette

“The Adventures of Tintin” managed to beat out “Arthur Christmas,” “Puss in Boots,” “Rango” and even Pixar’s “Cars 2” for a 2012 Golden Globe award. 
Interestingly, the Steven Spielberg– and Peter Jackson-produced “Tintin” isn’t your traditional animated feature. Starring Jamie Bell as the titular young reporter and Daniel Craig as the villain Ivanovic Sakharin, “Tintin” used 3D motion capture technology to create its unique-looking world. (That’s also known as what made “Avatar” so cool-looking and what makes Andy Serkis so in demand. Coincidentally, Serkis co-stars as Captain Haddock in the film.) 
Spielberg, who also directed the film, spoke to Moviefone about using the technology for his film. “Motion capture is just another tool in a vast tool chest,” he tells the site. “It was the right tool to use to be able to make this movie as close to the original artwork of the great Herge, who illustrated and wrote all the Tintin books. But, at the same time, the adventure of making ‘Tintin’ is always the same for every movie, no matter what the medium. It’s telling a good story and getting the actors to acquit that story in the funniest and most breathtaking ways possible. That’s where my focus was — being able to tell a good story.”
Though “Tintin” was nominated for a handful of awards this season, it only managed to take home two (aside from its shiny new Golden Globe) — from the Florida and Toronto film critics.

Posted by:Jean Bentley