golden globes 2011 snubs Golden Globe nominations snubs and surprises: Emma Stone! Piper Perabo? 'True Grit'!?!Even by the typically wacky standards of Golden Globes voting, the nominations for the 68th annual awards were more than a little bit bonkers.

We’re not going to get on our high horses about the absence of, say, “Fringe,” “Parks and Recreation” and “Community” from the nominees that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced Tuesday morning (Dec. 14). Are they deserving? Absolutely. But they’ve never received much awards recognition, whether it’s from their peers at ceremonies like the Emmys (where more huffing and puffing about what’s not on the list is justified) or from a 90-member group of journalists.

That’s not to say we weren’t shaking our heads and crying “What?!” at several of the nominations, then furrowing our brow over those left off the list. Below are some of our thoughts on the surprise nominees and snubs for this year’s Globes; share yours in the comments.

The surprises

  • Piper Perabo: Maybe the most out-of-nowhere nomination in the TV field. Perabo is very engaging in her “Covert Affairs” role, but did anyone think this show was awards bait?
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt: Running a close second to Perabo is Hewitt’s nomination for the Lifetime movie “The Client List,” in which she played a suburban mom-turned-prostitute. Once again: a Lifetime movie about a suburban mom-turned-prostitute.
  • Scott Caan: Name recognition may have helped some, but Caan makes “Hawaii Five-0” way more watchable than it might otherwise be, so we’re happy to see him in the mix.
  • Katey Sagal: About time. You could argue that her performance in “Sons of Anarchy” was even better last season, but she continued to bring the goods this year.
  • Emma Stone: The most pleasant surprise in the movie nominations was Stone’s completely winning performance in “Easy A.” She’s a huge long shot in a category that includes Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie, but even if she’s just filling the “new star on the rise” spot, we’re thrilled to see her in the mix.
  • Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison repeating: So, HFPA, have you watched “Glee” this season?
  • Glenn Close not repeating: We just figured she was kind of an automatic nominee for “Damages.”
  • “Burlesque,” “Red” and “The Tourist”: Sixty percent of the nominees for best picture-comedy or musical. We’ll stipulate that this was not a stellar year for movie comedy (and that the Globes don’t tend to nominate animated films outside the animation category), but: “Date Night,” “Please Give,” “Easy A,” “Get Him to the Greek,” “Toy Story 3,” “Tangled,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” Just sayin’.

The snubs

  • “True Grit”: Possibly the biggest snub of all Tuesday was the complete shutout for the Coen brothers’ adaptation of “True Grit” — which is seen as a major Oscar contender. We’d have figured it would score at least a best actor nomination for Jeff Bridges.
  • “Community”/”Fringe”/”Parks and Rec”/insert your favorite show here: As we said above, we’re not going to get too worked up about the exclusion of these series from the Globes. We’ll save that bile for the Emmys next summer.
  • “United States of Tara”: For our money, the second season of “Tara” was much better than either of the Showtime series (“Nurse Jackie” and “The Big C”) nominated for best comedy.
  • “Breaking Bad”: We enjoyed “The Walking Dead” quite a bit, but its fellow AMC series is just better.
  • “Lost”: We were half-expecting a farewell nomination for the show. Guess the HFPA didn’t like the ending either.
  • Courteney Cox: She was nominated last year but displaced by Laura Linney of “The Big C” this time around. Which is a shame, because her “Cougar Town” character has only gotten funnier since last December.
  • The stars of “The Pacific”: Not a huge surprise, but the performances of James Badge Dale, Joe Mazzello and Jon Seda have been overlooked a couple times now (including at the Emmys), and it sticks in our craw. They were all excellent.

What surprised you about who made (or didn’t make) the Globes cut?

Posted by:Rick Porter