emma thompson golden globes drunk Golden Globes 2014: Emma Thompson is barefoot and drunk

The open bar at the Golden Globes usually provides for at least one very memorable moment every year, and 2014 was Emma Thompson’s time. The “Saving Mr. Banks” star took the stage with her shoes in one hand and a martini in the other to present the award for Best Screenplay.
“As an actor, all I ever look for is a great, great screenplay,” she starts before things went down a funny wormhole into madness. “And as a uh screenwriter, all I know is how difficult they are, to, get … get great. And so it is with a visceral admiration and respect that I present the nominees… well, not me, the voice of God… for best screenplay.” 
Once the nominees were listed off, Thompson realized she didn’t have the envelope containing the winner’s name. As it was handed to her she tossed her shoes away and handed over the drink to do her job. If the GIF and Vine below are any indication, she definitely had the most fun at the show. Spike Jonze won for “Her,” by the way.
ema thompson golden globes Golden Globes 2014: Emma Thompson is barefoot and drunk

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