jim carry shia labeouf golden globes plagiarism gi Golden Globes 2014: Jim Carrey mocks Shia LaBeouf plagiarism

Someone had to make a Shia LaBeouf joke at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, and Jim Carrey got the honors.

Just before the halfway point in the ceremony, Carrey came out to present the Best Supporting Actor award. His introduction offered a faux-LaBeouf quote:

“You’re right. No gonna argue with you. ‘Dying is easy … Comedy is hard.’ I believe it was Shia LaBeouf who said that. So young … so wise.”

The joke is a reference to the bizarre plagiarism story surrounding LaBeouf in recent weeks. Critics noted that LaBeouf’s short film, “HowardCantour.com,” seemed to take sections of Daniel Clowes‘ work. 

As time passed, it all got weirder with the actor apologizing by sky-writer and then declaring his show-business retirement via Twitter.

How could the Golden Globes not make a joke about that?

Posted by:Laurel Brown