good luck charlie series finale bridgit mendler disney 'Good Luck Charlie' finale: Was it a proper goodbye?

Disney’s long-running sitcom, “Good Luck Charlie,” came to an end Sunday (Feb. 16) after four seasons of video diaries and family antics. Did “Good Bye Charlie” give the show the sendoff it deserves?

As Teddy (Bridgit Mendler) prepares to leave home and go to Yale, she is trying to record one final “Good Luck Charlie” message with true wisdom. That is derailed by packing and the return of ex-boyfriend Spencer (Shane Harper).

Elsewhere in the show, Amy plans for a big audition at her morning show, PJ negotiates the intricacies of the food truck world, and Gabe mentors a young prankster in the ways of delinquency. Charlie, of course, looks cute and provides the pivotal Teddy-and-Spencer-get-back-together-sing-along motivation.

And then there’s the final diary that ends it all:

“Just know that, as long as you’ve got us, you’ll always have — everybody say it — good luck Charlie!”

Did this wrap up the series for you? Does “Good Luck Charlie” need another entry in the diary? Vote in the poll below!

Posted by:Laurel Brown