michael j fox the good wife julianna margulies 'Good Wife' EPs on Michael J. Fox's return, Cary and Kalinda's dangerous liaison and more“The Good Wife” saw a complete upheaval in Season 5, as Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) left Lockhart & Gardner to start her own firm with Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry). The response from critics and viewers has been overwhelmingly positive, which executive producer Robert King says they could not be more thrilled about.

“[The response] is fantastic this year. It’s kind of bewildering and we hope we don’t screw it up,” Robert says with a laugh.

While the new direction of the show has allowed for some wonderful adversarial storylines between Alicia and her one-time love Will Gardner (Josh Charles), King and his co-creator and wife Michelle King warn viewers not to get too comfortable with Will and Alicia facing off in court.

“We can’t live in that world [forever], at some point you’re repeating yourself. It’s spinning off in other directions,” says King, teasing that the show will start to feature many plots happening at once, “Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World”-style. “There are other ways that [the characters] bump into each other in the course of a
day. Also, you’ll find out that the A case might be Lockhart-Gardner one week, might be Florrick-Agos [the next week].”

As the show diverges from its current path of the two firms facing off in court nearly every week, Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) will come back to the forefront.

“[Kalinda] starts exploding in the second half of the year. … The difficulty with Kalinda is that she can’t live sometimes in some of the other stories, because the other stories are so much about the workings of a firm,” says Robert. But in the second half of the season, as viewers saw in the most recent episode, Kalinda and Cary will be sparking things up again.

“They’re attracted to each other, but … they’re in other firms now. Can they
pursue each other? Can they sleep with each other and make that exist?
Is there a ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ aspect of ‘what do you want to reveal?'” teases Robert. “What I like about it is Kalinda saw a Cary that had balls and was really
attracted to that. Cary is going to want to live up to that Kalinda
idea of who he is.”

The Kings also say that the election fraud plot will continue on the show much longer than was initially planned, mostly because of the recent Chris Christie scandal in New Jersey.

“There’s so much juicy stuff there about what your underlings supposedly
do for you,” says Robert, in regards to Christie. “When you give them a path, are you giving them a path that
says, ‘I want you to do anything you can here,’ even to the point of
breaking the law? We’re not going to [do the Christie scandal] directly, but it’s fun seeing how a governor gets his underlings to do things that he kind of wink-wink wants done.”

The Kings also tease the return of some familiar faces, including Michael J. Fox (fingers crossed).

“We’d love to get Michael, we’re trying to make that work,” says Robert. “He finished
filming [‘The Michael J. Fox Show’], so it looks like we’re going to get a chance to get
him back.”

But not Patti Nyholm, unfortunately. Robert tells us that Martha Plimpton is not a possibility this year “because she’s gonna do ‘art’,” as he laughs and reveals that Plimpton is appearing in a play in London after she’s done with “Raising Hope” this year.

Michelle King adds that Matthew Perry “would be a dream” to have return since the election fraud storyline has come back to the forefront, but that he’s pretty busy with the “Odd Couple” remake he’s working on.

Finally, the Kings refuse to confirm or deny that Will and Alicia will be reconnecting in a romantic way — “We ain’t sayin’,” says Michelle — but they will confirm that there is no spinoff in the works, which some have wondered about in light of Will wanting to open up Lockhart-Gardner offices in Los Angeles and New York. The new offices are more about Will working through Alicia leaving him.

“[Will] is going through a grief that he’s in denial about. There’s a frantic energy to him that I think Diane is correct to analyze as being an energy that is about him having been in this limbo with Alicia for so long,” says Robert.

Michelle adds, “Hate feels a lot like love. When things go sour, the passion doesn’t go away, it just goes negative. We wanted to be true to that.”

“The Good Wife” airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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