the good wife hitting the fan 'Good Wife'   'Hitting the Fan': Will has Alicia escorted out and 5 more things to look forward toOn the latest “Good Wife” episode, titled “Outside the Bubble,” Lockhart & Gardner was halted in its attempts to start shuffling Diane out the door because of a frivolous sexual harassment lawsuit.

However, over the course of the suit, Diane put it together that Alicia is leaving the firm with the fourth-years to start her own and the steely gaze she rested on Alicia right before she went to tell Will was something else. Then she dropped this bombshell on Will, “Alicia is leaving the firm with Cary and she’s taking our top clients.”

Next week’s episode is appropriately titled “Hitting the Fan” and we’ve got a few juicy tidbits for you.

  • If you thought moments of this week were fast paced, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The episode will leave you with whiplash, accompanied by an outstanding score that just adds to the frenzy.
  • As you saw in the previews for next week, Will confronts Alicia and it’s as heart-wrenching as you might expect. He feels so betrayed — “I took you in. No one wanted you. I hired you, I pushed for you. You were poison. This firm got you back on your feet.”
  • Since Alicia is a partner, she can’t just be thrown out on the street, so both Will and Alicia have to do some mad scrambling while they try to figure out what to do — before Alicia is escorted out by security.
  • Since the jig is now up, the fourth-years are also scrambling, but someone turns out to be duplicitous.
  • There are a lot of big clients to be wrestled over, but none so big as Chumhum, so there’s another fun guest-starring appearance by John Benjamin Hickey as Neil Gross.
  • Peter gets involved in the fray in a couple different ways and something tells us last year’s voting scandal may come back to haunt Peter.

That’s really all we can say but suffice to say it’s a break-neck episode and definitely one of the best the show has ever done. Only one more week, fans.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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