julianna margulies good wife premiere 520 'Good Wife' Season 3 premiere: 'A Bad Bad Thing' shows off the group dynamic very wellSo we’re back with “The Good Wife,” who isn’t quite the squeaky clean good wife she once was. Can’t wait to see the fallout.

Case of the Week

Love that the show starts off with the strains of “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing.” The client this week is Jimal Mifsud, a Palestinian college student at Chicago Poly Tech who is accused battery against Jewish students during an interfaith rally. The new State’s Attorney (Peter, if you’ll remember) wants to appear tough and is calling it a hate crime. An acquaintance of Diane’s, Wasim Al-Said, asks them to represent Jimal.

Wasim also wants to meet with Eli Gold for some crisis management. Diane wants to badly sign Wasim to their firm (because he has a ton of money), so she has Eli meet with him regarding a PR campaign against anti-Muslim bigotry.  Eli wonders if he’s being hired simply because he’s Jewish and Wasim admits that’s part of it.

Of course, Alicia is facing off on Jimal’s case with Cary. The judge of the week is Judge Karpman (Fred Melamed), who advises the State to reconsider its charge of hate crime. Meanwhile, Jimal is claiming he wasn’t even there at the rally, he was at the library.

Over at the State’s Attorney’s office, Peter pulls a Leo McGarry and says no plea bargains for the time being, only firm stances. “Throw an elbow in a nationally televised game. You’ll never have to do it again.” Peter also introduces Sophia Russo (Kelli Giddish), Kalinda’s friend from last season. She’s their new investigator and has caught Cary’s eye. She immediately gives Cary something to slip to Kalinda (dirty!), which turns out to be a red light camera picture of Jimal’s car the night of the stabbing right outside the rally.

Under Alicia’s advisement, because it gives him an alibi (even if it’s not the library), Jimal cops to being the driver of the car in the red light picture. So Cary drops the hate crime charge and charges Jimal with murder – a Jewish student was stabbed to death in his fraternity house right before the riot broke out at the interfaith rally. Cary says the car was seen racing away from the frat house.

Now Jimal says he wasn’t driving the car, he just said he was to get him out of the battery charge. He says both his roommates have access to his car. When Alicia and Kalinda inform Diane of how bungled their case just got, she senses something is amiss between them and just says, “Make it better.”

Kalinda confronts Cary about feeding her that picture and then asks for the crime scene photos. Sophia drops by and you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. Turns out Kalinda just took the crime scene photos from Cary’s desk.

Simon Greenberg, 22, was stabbed 45 times in his dorm room. A witness got part of a plate on the alleged getaway car, which matches Jimal’s car’s plates. There was also a backwards swastika drawn with the victims blood.

Back in court, Cary has the testimony of Jimal’s poli-sci lecturer, who claims Jimal had a particular interest in a lecture about the U.S. chickens coming home to roost. Which is a pretty flimsy piece of evidence. And it actually applies to Jimal’s roommate Tariq, who signed Jimal in to class and is the one who asked the lecturer about his book.

Cary’s next piece of ridiculous evidence is Jimal’s avatar on an MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) set in the Gaza strip. Jimal’s character blows up an Israeli school. In the game. When did Cary turn into a caricature villain? This is insane.

Wasim asks Lockhart/Gardner to pull out of the defense because defending youth that makes fun of a suicide bombing is bad for business. Alicia argues fervently that it’s a freakin’ video game (“Have you SEEN video games lately,” she says. And, yeah.)

Will and Diane don’t want to lose Wasim’s money, but agree to let Alicia stick with Jimal, since she kind of screwed him over in the first place.

Alicia counters with testimony from the game creator that the suicide vest is a power-up in the game – everybody uses them, including some ASAs in the State’s Attorney’s office. Snerk. The game creator also testifies that Jimal’s roommate Amir fought online with Simon Greenberg on the game’s messages boards.

Amir has an alibi, but the alibi is praying and he was alone, no one can substantiate the alibi. And Amir claims Tariq was using his username in the video game.

Alicia’s next tactic is to ask the judge to recuse himself for showing bias against the client based on his religion. Peter decides that Alicia’s tactic is to get the judge to recuse himself and then a new judge will be assigned on Rosh Hashanah, which means no Jewish judges will be eligible. Cary points this out and the judge, who was obviously going ot recuse himself, decides not to recuse and says he’s disappointed in Alicia.

Wow. Sneaky.

Kalinda and Sophia find Tariq at a gay bar. They figured out he’s gay and had been hooking up with Simon Greenberg. When Greenberg met someone else, Tariq stabbed him and made it look like a hate crime. Twist.

Meanwhile, Eli’s friend Michael Kahane (also Jewish) is not pleased that Eli is helping with an anti-Muslim bigotry campaign and offers to bring his business with the Jewish League Fund to Lockhart/Gardner so that they can stop representing Wasim.

And then Eli approaches Peter about running for Governor. When he’s there, he tells Peter that whatever was there with Will and Alicia is no more. But it’s because he doesn’t want a divorced candidate. Also because maybe Will and Alicia have Eli fooled, though I doubt it. Because if anybody is going to know, it’s going to be Eli.

The Florricks

Zach is still seeing Neesa, whose parents want to have both the Florricks over for dinner. And Grace has an off-beat tutor named Jennifer. They study on the train and Jennifer plays this funky Bollywood music and has Grace film it with her phone while she dances crazy and gets an Indian soccer team to dance with her. Um. OK.

Grace and Alicia have a nice bonding moment over watching TV together and Alicia being happier without Peter around.

Will and Alicia

Alicia has a new spring in her step and some kicky new bangs, but when
Will arrives at the office, Alicia chickens out of talking to him. They
finally have a chat, but all we see is Will leaving Alicia’s office and
Alice looking sad or frustrated.

Diane confronts Will on being a little hard on Alicia – he doesn’t like
that Alicia treats him and Diane like “peers.” Wow. That is so d-bag. 

Except – fake out. Alicia and Will are totally doing it and putting on a front at work. At the very end, Will shows up to her place just 10 minutes after the kids have left with Peter. Alicia has already started to feel guilty and when he knocks, she doesn’t run to open the door.

So what did you think of the premiere? Honestly, the Case of the Week was not our favorite. It was very ham-fisted and the resolution seemed really abrupt and shoe-horned in. If Simon and Tariq were dating, there should’ve been something before that to indicate. The bit with Grace’s tutor was also really weird.

But the Peter/Eli/Alicia/Kalinda/Diane dynamic was excellent. We can’t wait to see how that continues to play out.

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