good wife finale 2 'Good Wife's' Josh Charles: 'There's a deep love there' for AliciaThe “Good Wife” Season 2 finale saw Will and Alicia finally acknowledge their bad timing and appear to indulge in having some good timing for once. The writers certainly left themselves room to have them not consummate their relationship. Star Josh Charles tells Zap2it that Will and Alicia aren’t exactly heading straight for domestic bliss.

“Whether they’re in for the long haul or not remains to be seen,” says Charles.

But while it may not be an instant match made in heaven, Charles does acknowledge that Alicia is one of the best things in Will’s life.

“It may be one of the truest things that he has. I think there’s a deep love there on his part,” says Charles. “It’s conflicted because of all the dynamics, certainly. Boss-employer, she’s married with kids, the past, all these different things. Opening himself up to the vulnerability. Alicia represents a lot of things to him, but I do think there is something there that is profound. It softens him, in a way, this ability that she has.”

The finale also brought us a tension-filled moment between Will and Peter, where the interest in, and protectiveness of, Alicia was thinly-veiled. But Charles says Will doesn’t see Alicia as a prize to be won by any means.

“I think [Will] has a competitive streak in him from his athletic days and as we sort of unravel more of his backstory, stuff will become clear, when people do understand all the Blake stuff, whenever that happens, it’ll be very revealing for the character. But I don’t really think, while it may shift over in some of his relationships, I don’t think it’s like that with Alicia,” says Charles. “That doesn’t mean he looks at [Alicia] as a competitive pawn in a chess match with Peter.”

Speaking of Will’s backstory, he teases that it will all be revealed. Eventually.

“A lot of people ask me when are going to find out about your backstory, what’s all that stuff with Blake, what’s going on? That’s going to push to something to next season and that’s exciting! I think that’s cool, ya know?,” Charles explains. “That’s the nature of the TV beast … they have the freedom to move as the season progresses. If [the writers] feel like they’re trying to cram too much in, like a puzzle, they can move things around.”

“What’s fun in the television world is you get to arc these characters over a longer period of time than you do in any other medium,” he continues. “What excites me is to see the mask off for a second and then put it back on. That’s fun to play, I enjoy that.”

And finally, we were curious as to whether Alicia can still be considered “the good wife” after possibly exploring her feelings for Will. Charles says that that point of view misses the irony in the title of the show.

“Some people say, ‘Well, Alicia can’t do anything like that because she wouldn’t be the good wife.’ And she does have a moral compass that is impressive, but I think so much of the show is watching that evolve and grow and deepen and even turn gray at times itself,” Charles says.

“But I think the title is meant to be ironic. The idea that somebody wouldn’t be the good wife if they made the choices that aren’t considered ‘good’ by some?” says Charles. “I think that’s what’s great about the show – they’re willing to take risks. I’m excited about where we’re going to go with the show next year. I think it’s going to be cool, I’m jazzed.”

“The Good Wife” airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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