google doodle claude debussy birthday clair de lune Google doodle celebrates Claude Debussy's birthday with 'Clair de lune' animation

Google doodles are always fun but the one posted for Claude Debussy‘s birthday on Thursday (Aug. 22) is also beautiful. The doodle is a dark and romantic animation set to the tune of the composer’s famous “Clair de lune.”

This would be the 151th birthday of the French composer. The Google doodle celebrating the date shows a dark cityscape, lit mostly by a bright full moon behind it. Seen from the perspective of someone moving along a waterway, the horizon features cars and city lights. A steam ship travels through the foreground.

After awhile, two people in rowboats approach each other. Rain begins to fall when they meet and the two share a red umbrella as the animation ends.

The piano music, whose name translates to “Moonlight,” is the third movement of a larger piano suite, “Suite bergamasque,” written between 1890 and 1905. A favorite composition for use in film scores, the tune is familiar more than a century after its composition.

Born in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France on Aug. 22, 1862, Debussy was a musical success from a young age. He won his first major compositional prize, the Grand Prix de Rome with a cantata, “L’enfant prodigue,” at the age of 22 in 1884. The composer died of colon cancer on March 25, 1918

Posted by:Laurel Brown