martha graham google doodle Google Doodle honors Martha Graham on her 117th birthdayIf you haven’t already, take a virtual walk over to Google and check out its animated Google Doodle Wednesday (May 11). It features a lithe female dancer spelling out the letters with her body and when you click on it, it takes you to results for famed dancer and choreographer Martha Graham.

The letters are actually depicting some of Graham’s most famous works. The first depiction (though the last letter in “Google”) is of her 1930 solo “Lamentation,” the second is from her 1932 “Satyric Festival Song.” The animated dancer then becomes the bride from Graham’s “Appalachian Spring” and performs Graham’s signature contraction move to form the double Os. Finally, the dancer ends as Graham’s 1935 solo “Frontier.” A more detailed rundown of the doodle can be found at the official Martha Graham Center site.

Graham was born 1894 and went on to become one of the greatest artistic minds of the 20th century, often being spoke of in the same breath as Picasso and Stravinsky. She developed a whole new kind of dance in the 1920s and 1930s. She is considered by many to be the founder of contemporary dance as we know it today and was named the Dancer of the Century in 1998 by TIME magazine. She died in 1991 and today would have been 117 years old. She is pictured below in 1924.

martha graham 1924 Google Doodle honors Martha Graham on her 117th birthday
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