star trek google doodle Google Doodle honors 'Star Trek' series premiere anniversaryThis year marks the 46th anniversary of the original “Star Trek” — which premiered Sept. 8, 1966 on NBC — and Google is celebrating the occasion with one of their trademark home page doodles.

The letters in Google have been transformed into members of the Starship Enterprise crew, including the letter ‘G’ sporting Spock’s pointy Vulcan ears and the second ‘O’ seated in the Captain’s chair, topped with William Shatner‘s perfectly tousled hair. Clicking around on the doodle brings up various animations and even a mini-game, making clever use of the show’s iconic imagery and sound effects. It’s the perfect distraction for Trekkers or anyone looking for a little diversion at the end of the work week.

The playful tribute hasn’t gone unnoticed by those involved with the series. Co-star George “Sulu” Takei tweeted: “Props to Google for its shout out to the 46th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek. Yes, I apparently am the L.”

For insight into the creation of the doodle, has a brief interview with Google Doodle mastermind Ryan Germick (not surprisingly, he’s a big “Trek” fan). After the “Trek” anniversary passes, the doodle is sure to live long and prosper in the Google Doodle database.

Posted by:gberkshire