google doodle ignores easter cesar chavez Google Doodle ignores Easter in favor of Cesar Chavez' birthday

Google caused a bit of controversy on Easter Sunday (March 31) by using its popular “Google Doodle” design to honor the 86th birthday of late American labor leader Cesar Chavez, rather than the Easter holiday. The search giant frequently changes the look of its homepage to mark special occasions. 
Google recently honored the birthday of late sci-fi author Douglas Adams (“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”) and has commemorated such events as the anniversary of the “Star Trek” series premiere. Doodles have also honored Earth Day, Leap Year, Father’s Day, Christmas and Hannukah.
So when the Easter Sunday Google Doodle was unveiled and internet users discovered Google ignored the holiday altogether, many were up in arms, promoting a Twitter hashtag trend, #GoogleMottos. Here are some sample tweets that used the hashtag:
Chris Loesch @ChrisLoesch
“Jesus, I’mma let you finish but Chavez had one of the greatest stories of all time.” #GoogleMottos
Greg Worzel @GregWorzel
Easter? Meh… #GoogleMottos
Icwhatudo @icwhatudo
#GoogleMottos Who cares what 2.1 Billion Christians think.
D.W. Robinson @_DWRobinson
#GoogleMottos “We now interrupt the international holiday already in progress with this delightfully trendy and totally informative trifle”
Aaron Worthing ?@AaronWorthing 
#GoogleMottos use our incredible calendar app and never miss an important religious holiday!
Chris Loesch @ChrisLoesch
“We know you were searching for the resurrection story, let us direct you in a more communal direction.” #GoogleMottos
Easter originated as a religious holiday honoring the resurrection of Jesus Christ according to the Christian faith. But much like Christmas, it has morphed over the centuries into a holiday celebrated by Christians and non-Christians alike, with traditional Easter egg hunts, the Easter Bunny as a pop culture icon, annual Easter parades and family gatherings. Google has yet to respond to the criticism, of its Doodle, but April 1 is just around the corner. So, perhaps Google is pulling one of its infamous April Fools’ Day jokes? 
Meanwhile, Google’s search competitor Bing changed its own design to a holiday-friendly Easter egg motif. 
bing easter eggs google doodle cesar chavez Google Doodle ignores Easter in favor of Cesar Chavez' birthday
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