google glass bans pornography app tits and glass gi Google Glass bans pornography and other sexually explicit material

On Monday, June 3, the first pornographic app for Google Glass debuted. And within hours, Google banned it. It looks like there will be no porn on the new, highly promoted Google product.

Sorry about that.

The porn app, called Tits & Glass, was meant to record users having sex from their own perspective (don’t think too much about the logistics of sex with those bulky glasses on). MiKandi, the company behind Tits & Glass, managed to get 10,000 hits on its landing page on the first day, but the traffic isn’t going to help. Google went and changed its policy on pornography.

According to the official policies for app developers now posted by Google, all sexually explicit material is forbidden. This includes “nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material.” Child pornography (of course), hate speech, bullying and other behaviors are likewise not tolerated.

What does this mean for the first — and possibly last — porn app for Google Glass? MiKandi posted the following update to its blog after the new rules went into effect:

“When we received our Glass and started developing our app 2 weeks ago, we went through the policy very carefully to make sure we were developing the app within the terms. We double checked again last week when making the site live on the Internet and available for install for testing during last week’s announcement. We were not notified of any changes and still haven’t been notified by Google. We also double checked our emails to see if any notifications of policy changes were announced, but we haven’t found any such emails … Although the app is still live and people are using it, at this point we must make changes to the app in order to comply with the new policies. Expect to see changes to the application tomorrow.”

The dozen or so Google Glass users who already downloaded Tits & Glass may be able to continue using their program, but only if they do not update it at any time. It looks like the newer version will be much cleaner.

Does this mean that no one will ever get porn onto Google Glass? Anyone who has ever been on the Internet has to know that porn always finds a way. It’s just not allowed by Google.

Posted by:Laurel Brown