google glasses go public gi Google Glasses go public, sort of: The future is here and it's creepyPretty soon you’ll be able to have the vision of a robot from a science fiction movie, and you can thank Google for that. ABC News reports the technology juggernaut is giving software developers access to their next big project, Glass.

The project is actually a pair of internet-connected glasses which will be able to pull up information at your command and display it on the lenses in front of your eyes. Instead of going to your phone to find directions or an answer to a question, you’ll just have to say it out loud and the glasses will find the answer for you. Though, you may look like a crazy person for constantly talking to yourself in public

The glasses will also take photos that you can share on Google Plus, allow you to check in at various locations, and even connect to video chat. No word on facial recognition and heartbeat monitoring, though if “The Terminator” means anything, it’ll be in a future update.

While for now only developers are being given access, the glasses have been spotted out in public, with one pair featuring prescription lenses. No word on when bifocals will be released, so don’t plan on running out to get a pair for your grandmother just yet.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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