Google, how could you play us like that? The company released a new ad for an updated iteration of the Google Maps app that is every Pokemon fans’ dream come true.

According to Google, the next step in its quest in augmented reality is for users of Google Maps to catch Pokemon from around the world and be able to compete to become a Pokemon master. Yes, really. The above video is as awesome as it is heartbreaking because it is — mostly — not real.
We say “mostly” becaus though you can’t capture Pokemon with your phone and Google isn’t really looking to hire a Pokemon Master, you can use the app to “find” Pokemon around the world for at least the next couple of days. By zooming into select areas in the Google Maps iOS and Android apps, users can find the 150 Pokemon hidden across the world’s maps. There even is a Pokedex.
Here’s hoping 10 years from now Google will actually find a way to make this April Fools’ joke a reality. Google Maps + Facebook + Oculus Rift + Pokemon = Worldwide Pokemon hunt, anyone?
Posted by:Terri Schwartz