You remember Google maps, right? Do you miss having it on your iPhone? Have you been lost (pun intended) without it?

You may be in luck: Google maps may soon return to the iPhone. And Apple Maps may soon have some serious competition.

It wasn’t so long ago that Google had the only iPhone mapping game in town. Then, along with the new operating system introduced in September 2012, Google maps were replaced by Apple’s own mapping program.

At this point, wandering iPhone users had only two choices. 1) Update their phones and try to navigate using an application that either lacked any sense of direction or else had a wicked sense of humor. 2) Refuse to update their phones, therefore condemning the user to outdated apps and constant “Do you want to update?” messages. But at least those who chose 2) could get places.

Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, this meandering nightmare may soon be over. A source at Google has revealed that the company has begun testing an iPhone-compatible version of their maps program. All that remains before iPhone users can download direction into their lives and devices.

Of course, Google has to get approval before the new maps app can go on sale at iTunes. And since the new app will be in direct competition with Apple’s own product, it’s a safe bet this may take awhile.

Posted by:Laurel Brown