gossip blair chuck 'Gossip Girl': Chuck and Blair's peace treaty gets steamyIs it hot in here? Do you need a moment to compose yourself? We think you’ll agree with us when we say: Hottest. Gossip Girl scene. Ever.

Tonight’s (Nov. 1) episode, “War at the Roses,” was all about everyone’s favorite gruesome twosome, Chuck and Blair, finally caving and giving into their undeniable chemistry for the first time in way too long. We’re sure the Parents Television Council will be busy tomorrow; The CW PR team thanks them in advance for their spring ad campaign. So how did this sure-to-be classic “Chair” scene come to be? 

It all started when Nate (who suddenly cares about his friends again) and
Serena arrange a meeting to hammer out the details of an official peace treaty
between Chuck and Blair. (Can we take a moment to discuss how hilarious it was that Nate thought Serena being “just happy” was an acceptable reason for her hair looking different? Stay gold, N & S.)

What followed was a hilarious negotiation that Blair and Chuck are sure to repeat in 20 years during their divorce settlement. Has any man ever fought as hard as Chuck for the custody of Fashion Week? After all the paperwork was out of the way, the pair parted, but not before exchanging meaningful glances from their respective limos. 

In the twist of all twists, their truce lasted all of about 30
minutes, ending when Blair accused Chuck of releasing an embarrassing tape of her performing a drunken karaoke rendition of “Stand By Your Man” during her 20th birthday party. (The tape was actually leaked by Dan “In Desperate Need of a Storyline” Humphrey. Silly Lonely Boy, schemes are for big kids.) 

Chuck waited in the shadows of Blair’s home (How he makes that sexy instead of creepy, we’ll never know,) to tell her their truce is dunzo and they go on to describe just how much they hate each other in vivid detail:

Blair: “I hate you.”

Chuck: “I’ve never hated anyone more.”

Blair: “Every nerve ending in my body is electrified by

Chuck: “There’s a fiery pit of hate burning inside me ready
to explode.”

Now class, those are what we call double entendres. Try to use
one in a sentence this week.  The always
subtle pair then officially negated their peace treaty just like all civilized
countries do: By having angry, hate sex on a grand piano (Is the piano the new limo?) And holy hotness,
Batman!  Hands down, the raciest scene in
“Gossip Girl” history. When Chuck pulled off Blair’s underwear… Yeah, we have no
words to adequately describe this scene other than ridiculously sexy.

We pray to the “Gossip Girl” gods that we get a scene in next week’s episode where someone sits on or plays that piano. We vote for Dan. It’s the closest he’ll
get to some action on this show for a long time considering Nate “dumped” him tonight. 

What did you think of the scene, Zappers? Too hot or too much? Are you glad Chuck and Blair finally hooked up? Was it worth the wait?

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