blair leighton meester 'Gossip Girl': Leighton Meester knows when she's exiting the show

Brace yourself, “Gossip Girl” fans. Your Queen B, Leighton Meester, is ready to hand in her headband.

OK, maybe we’re being a little dramatic (but with this show, that’s pretty much a given). Meester spoke with E! and revealed that she knows when she is exiting The CW soap. “Two more years, ” she says. “Because we’re under contract.”

Meester says that she “obviously enjoys working on the show and living in New York,” but she’s ready to break out from the show and start focusing on her movie career (her film “Country Strong” hits theaters Wednesday, Dec. 22), which the show has been extremely facilitating of. The producers have been really understanding of Meester and the rest of the “Gossip” gang taking time off to work on other projects. “It allows you to be ready for when the show’s over,” she says.

While she isn’t sure if the series will come to an end in two years, Meester says, ” I think there’s that old saying about wanting to go out on top.” Can you imagine the Upper East Side without Blair Waldorf? It’s a scary, scary thought that we’re going to erase from our minds faster than Blair banished Jenny Humphrey.

While it is sad to think of one of our guilty pleasures coming to an end, we’d also like to see the show go out on top rather than continue without some of our favorite characters. We don’t want to see “GG” become the next “One Tree Hill,” you know?

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