gossip girl damian blair da 'Gossip Girl' preview: Damien returns and he's still wheelin' and dealin'

Can we get three cheers for the return of Kevin Zegers as Damien on “Gossip Girl”? Maybe it was just us, but we loved him as poor- little-rich-boy drug dealer who used Jenny’s (Taylor Momsen) fashion-related “talents” to transport drugs and then dumped her when she wouldn’t have sex with him. Clearly, we need therapy.

Damien makes his triumphant return when Dan (Penn Badgley) and Blair’s (Leighton Meester) mission to find out the truth about Juliet (Katie Cassidy) leads them to Serena’s old boarding school stomping grounds in Connecticut. The Knightley School in Cornwall, Connecticut to be precise. What is Damien doing there? Drug dealing, of course (Connecticut “burbs do big business over the holidays.” Swoon!).  It’s nice that he asked how Jenny was doing. 10 points to Blair who proudly declares, “I banished her.” Memories.

In the preview clip for “The Townie” (airing Monday, Dec. 6) we learn Damien knows Juliet and just saw her in the city the previous week (and may have sold her the drugs she used on Serena). At first Damien wants no part in any of Dan and Blair’s “Veronica Mars”-like investigation, he seems to crack a bit when they tell him Serena (Blake Lively) ended up in the hospital. Aw, a drug dealer with a heart of gold.

In the extended promo for the episode, we get quick glimpses of S at boarding school (which includes her blowing bubbles, dancing, and kissing a Justin Bieber-fied Damien!). It seems like we’ll also be getting a lot of Dan and Blair action, including the two riding in an old-school VW Buggy. Cute! While we love Chuck and Blair, we’ve always wanted to see something happen between the odd couple, Dan and Blair. 1. They have great chemistry. 2. It would stir up a lot of drama post-Juliet. “Chair” fans, if you are going to stone us, please just avoid our faces. Thanks.

Lastly, it seems we will finally get a showdown between Juliet and Serena. After Juliet tells Serena, “You ruined my brother’s life,” S responds, “Who’s your brother?” Ouch, that’s gotta sting.

Watch the preview and the extended promo for “The Townie” here:

What do you think, Zappers? Are you excited for the return of Damien? What about finally seeing Serena during her boarding school days? Lastly, would you like to see a Dan and Blair romance?

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