dan blair sleeping 'Gossip Girl' preview: Dan and Blair at W, round 2?That evil dictator of taste Blair Waldorf is at it again and it seems poor Dan Humphrey is caught in her web of schemes.

In a preview clip for the Feb. 21 episode of “Gossip Girl,” “While You Weren’t Sleeping,” we learn Blair hasn’t been able to juggle all of her responsibilities (her job at W, Columbia, her personal life, scheming, etc.) as well as she thought she could. When she learns all of her interns have quit on her (one apparently has post-traumatic stress), guess who becomes her new intern? You guessed it — Dan.

Executive producers Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran (looking like Serena and Dan in 10 years, no?) sat down to preview the rest of the episode’s storylines, including Eric’s 18th birthday party.Savages says the party “is a big deal on our show. He’s the last of our minors to age up.” They grow up so fast. It almost brings a tear to our eye.

So It’s Eric’s party and he’ll probably cry if he wants to considering he’s being blackmailed by UES drug dealer extraordinaire Damien. “He’s putting quite a bit of pressure on him to do something. That blackmail story collides with the birthday story.” Will Eric be Damien’s next drug mule? Sorry, Jenny, you’ve been replaced.

Safran explains that Chuck will ask for Nate’s help in getting Raina back which  will take the story in “an interesting direction.” We’re guessing Raina is going to take one look into those blue eyes and fall head over Manolos. Yay for Nate having something to do finally!

Watch “Gossip Girl’s” While You Weren’t Sleeping” Monday, Feb. 21, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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