gossip girl season 5 'Gossip Girl' recap: Breakfasting BadIt’s Yom Kippur at the Waldorf-Rose house, which means volatile blood sugar and even more party-hopping than usual. For a silly — fun silly, not dumb silly — plot-centered episode, it packed more emotional punch than anything this season, and introduced a lot more crazy for the weeks to come. (Plus, more smirky background Sam, which will do just fine.)

Serena, having finally finished the book, gets a fairly heartrending scene at the end of the episode where she explains that she’s jealous of Blair’s star treatment as the love of Dan’s life. I cried a little, I’m not going to lie. Of course, this is after she makes common cause with many witches — from boss Jane to the creature called Nikki Finke — in order to secure the film rights to Inside. Where it gets crazy is when she goes to Blair and informs her just how well she comes off in the story. Blair blows it off, of course, but you can already see the furious wheels turning in Serena’s delirious shipper mind.

Chuck and Dan are still very much in love, pissing off Nate even more than his Brothaniel issues from last week, but Dan’s so tied up in the book/movie drama — and being the neatest character on the show, yet again — that he doesn’t notice Chuck losing his mind in a fairly inventive new way: Attempting to seduce a therapist so that he can somehow Will Hunting himself into secret insights, in combo with some kind of countertransference power game. He is really getting good at being weird in ways nobody has ever been weird before. She calls him out on a bunch of bull****, he realizes that he is very close to going actually crazy, and the therapist receives a desperate voicemail that, again I won’t lie, got me pretty teary.

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