gossip girl leighton meester blake lively s4 320 'Gossip Girl' recap: Joie de VivierWow, this episode was stellar! While pretty quality this season, the show hasn’t been this much fun since that Juliet/Queens two-parter with the masks and Dan and Blair went motoring around the East Coast. Great music, Charlie’s fitting right in, twists and turns and surveillance/propaganda/burlesque thematics aplenty, everybody gets a moment in the sun, Dan kicks Vanessa’s teeth down her throat. It’s all so awesome!

So while Lily’s searching a well-known online shopping site for clothes that’ll match a house arrest anklet — and hoping her never-before-seen Newpsie friends will stick by her — Serena’s got Cousin Charlie stalking Dan and Blair to find out if Vanessa’s eavesdropping has, as usual, f***** everything up for everybody.

Charlie spots B and Lonelyboy heading into Veselka, but it’s not what they think: Prince Louis is media-shy, and Blair knows all the “secret” places from her Dan times — and Dan’s there tailing Louis for some journalism thing (which he immediately shirks). So when S surprises B on her princely date, you think s*** is going to hit the fan, but S immediately clears it up. Nevertheless, Charlie stays on the case using Gossip Girl’s creepy stalker technology. (And you would too — Dan looks hot as s*** the entire episode.)

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