ser dan blair 'Gossip Girl' relationship scoop: Dan and Blair, Blair and Chuck, Dan and Serena and moreWelcome back to the tangled web of relationships that is the Upper East Side, Gossip Girl” fans. Our favorite guilty pleasure returns with an all-new episode, “The Kids Are All Right,” tonight (rejoice!) and as expected, the relationships are as complicated as ever.

Zap2it spoke with “GG” executive producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran about what’s coming up for almost all the couples (and non-couples) on the show. First, we asked about the feedback they’ve been receiving from fans regarding the show’s latest romantic endeavor: Dan (Penn Badgley) and Blair (Leighton Meester).

“It’s pretty divided. There’s certainly a huge Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair fan base who really don’t like seeing them with anybody else,” Savage says. “Then there are also the people who are like ‘I always liked their scenes together and I loved the last episode and I look forward to seeing more of them.'”

Safran adds, “There’s also a Nate (Chace Crawford) and Blair fan base. There’s a fan base for everybody.” Savage continues, “There’s a Serena and Dan fan base and people who don’t want to see any more problems there. They can also see that this is going to cause problems between Serena and Blair and that’s the heart of the show.”

gg db dd 'Gossip Girl' relationship scoop: Dan and Blair, Blair and Chuck, Dan and Serena and moreDan and Blair:

We’ve seen these two interact several times throughout the series, mostly to make fun of each other’s stuffed animals (Poor Care Bear Cedric!) and headbands. But we also have seen an understanding between the two (ex: Season 1’s “Bad News Blair”). Was it always in the game plan to explore the dynamic between Queen B and Lonely Boy?

“What’s always been the case really from early on in Season 1 is that Dan and Blair are a lot like each other. They’re probably the most intellectual characters. They share a lot of the same interests, even though they would be loathe to admit it,” Savage says.

Safran continues, “We always loved over the years the scenes that have paired them. It just always felt really organic and fun. I think this is just a logical extension of giving them some more of those scenes and more of that great banter, that fun oil and water thing.” 

 The odd coupling will definitely be causing some –what else?– drama on the UES. “They are the two most important people in Serena’s life so that makes the relationship very loaded,” Savage teases. “Chuck and Dan obviously have a long rivalry going back to the pilot. So lots of juicy stuff.” Safran adds, “Eventually it affects everybody.”

chuck blair red 'Gossip Girl' relationship scoop: Dan and Blair, Blair and Chuck, Dan and Serena and moreChuck and Blair:

Clearly the show’s most popular couple, “Chair” fans were… less
than thrilled when the gruesome twosome put their epic romance on hold and
decided to just be friends for the time being. Savage explains the decision to take a break from their relationship: “Overall, I think that we felt like that was the
natural evolution of Chuck and Blair’s relationship and something that
we wanted to see happen to the characters. I think it’s frustrating
fans who just want them to be together and be happy, but we have to
save the finish line for the finish line.” We think all Chuck and Blair
fans should find major comfort in that last part, keywords: “finish

Serena and Dan:

Savage and Safran wouldn’t divulge much about the show’s original couple, but Savage did tease, “By the end of tonight’s episode, you’ll have a good sense of where that relationship is headed.” Ruh-roh, that doesn’t sound promising. 

dan nate 'Gossip Girl' relationship scoop: Dan and Blair, Blair and Chuck, Dan and Serena and moreDan and Nate:

Viewers were surprised to see these two enter a full-blown bromance this season, complete with man-hugs and jokes about scribbling “Mrs. Humphrey” on Nate’s notebook. We were curious to know why the producers decided to explore the friendship: “I think that Penn and Chace work really well off each other and it’s a fun dynamic to have on our show. There’s a lot of stories that involve mean girls and power plays and it’s nice to have this place to go where it’s a lot more of that buddy energy,” Savage says. “Two guys that are just trying to figure out how to survive in this world. That’s a really fun dynamic for the actors to play and it’s fun for the audience.”

Savage also confirmed that we will be seeing more of Nate and Chuck’s friendship in the second half of the season, just don’t expect to see the show’s male trio spending any quality time together in the near future.”Chuck still has a long way to go until he’s open to a true Dan Humphrey friendship,” Savage says with a laugh.

Rufus (Matthew Settle) and Lily (Kelly Rutherford):

After all the drama our favorite parental unit endured last season with Lily’s husband coming back and giving her a fake diagnosis, Savage says the two won’t have it so hard this season. “I feel like we did a lot of unraveling last year. This year it’s more about them trying to figure out how to work together and how to make their marriage successful.”

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