gg feb 13 dan blair cw 'Gossip Girl' sneak peek: Blair is looking for love...sort ofWhen last we left the Upper East Side, Blair (Leighton Meester) and Louis (Hugo Becker) were heading off for their honeymoon while Dan (Penn Badgley) and Serena (Blake Lively) were busy not getting anywhere. But in a sneak preview of Monday’s (Jan. 13) episode of “Gossip Girl,” it looks there’s change in the air.

In the cleverly-titled show “Crazy, Cupid, Love,” Blair has returned to NYC and is ready to find love again…for someone else. She looks to match make for the former item of Dan and Blair. This should be an interesting effort because, believe it or not, Lonely Boy still has feelings for Queen B.

Perhaps the most interesting preview is it appears that Dan was the one responsible for sending the Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair video to Gossip Girl. Yes, the same video that basically ruined Blair’s marriage before it even began. This was hinted last week as Dan skulked while Blair and Louis got into their limo.

Uh oh. Uh oh.

Here’s the video…

Posted by:David Eckstein