gg feb 27 cw 'Gossip Girl' sneak peek: Dan and Blair look to their future

“Gossip Girl” accomplished a lot with just one little (or not so little) kiss on Monday (Feb. 20). And it appears that fans of Dan (Penn Badgley) and Blair (Leighton Meester) have more to look forward to.

In a sneak peak video of the Feb. 27 episode, the couple in the making seems to be quickly angling toward something serious. But sitting in the way is the whole dowry issue that Louis had written into the prenup. However the word “annulment” is being bandied about. Dair fans, hold tight.

Show producers Josh Safran and Jake Coburn also explain that the episode will take place in “near real-time,” with the catalyst being CeCe’s death that we saw last week. It also marks the return of William Baldwin as William van der Woodsen.

Of course the other big news is that Chuck (Ed Westwick) now knows that Dan sent the wedding day confession video to Gossip Girl. And boy is he miffed. It seems that killing Dan’s writing career is item #1 on Chuck’s “To Do” list. But is he looking to manipulate Dan as well?

Uh oh. Uh oh.

Here’s the video…

Posted by:David Eckstein