dan blair gg 'Gossip Girl': The van der Humphreys try the talking thing, Dan and Blair get handsyIt’s been a long and cold mid-season break without our favorite Upper East Siders, no? Fear not “Gossip Girl” fans, a new episode (“The Kids Are Not All Right”) is coming on Monday, Jan. 24, and The CW has finally released a preview clip.

In the show’s most shocking twist yet, it appears Serena (Blake Lively) has taken over for Dan (Penn Badgley) as the show’s moral compass.

In the clip, the van der Humphrey clan (minus Jenny, obviously) is partaking in a nice family dinner in order to try the whole talking thing again.We find out Dan is in search of an internship and when Lily (Kelly Rutherford) offers to help, Serena makes it clear she is still angry with her mother for the whole sending an innocent Ben (David Call) to jail thing. “What I want to know is how many times you got your hair done this week while an innocent man sat in prison.” Burn!

In another preview (which is called “Resolutions” and is for the first couple of episodes back), we learn Chuck (Ed Westwick) is apparently stuck in an “endless sex loop” with Raina (guest star Tika Sumpter), who is the daughter of one of Bart Bass’ old business colleagues. While the two are in bed, her phone goes off and Chuck tells her to shut it off or bring it to bed because “vibration’s a terrible thing to waste.” We’ll take Chuck’s word for it.

But what really excited us most about the Resolutions preview (besides more Kevin Zegers as Damian!) is the quick Dan and Blair (Leighton Meester) teases. So what can you take from the preview about this possible new coupling? They fight like five-year-olds. Blair says to Dan, “You stabbed me in the back, you *ss!” before they fall to the floor fighting… in the middle of a party. In case it wasn’t obvious before, we’re kind of obsessed with them.

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