chace crawford jimmy kimmel 'Gossip Girl's' Chace Crawford barely makes 'Jimmy Kimmel' due to 'rampant volcano'We already knew that “Gossip Girl” is a hit across the pond (hey, Elton John gets special London deliveries), but British “GG” fans got an extra special treat when Chace Crawford got “trapped by a rampant volcano” (as he put it) for an extended stay in London Town.

Crawford was overseas promoting “Gossip Girl” — which he says the Brits definitely dig — when the volcanic ash kept him grounded longer than he’d anticipated.

In fact, Crawford just barely made it to his scheduled Thursday (April 22) night “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” appearance, where Kimmel introduced him as the “heartthrobbiest of heartthrobs.”

Our favorite part of the interview is when Crawford explains what his grandmas think of his “GG” gig. And get this, they text him post-show — how very “Gossip Girl” of them.

“Nammy would be like, ‘Oh, I’m so happy you’re with Serena this time,'” says Crawford in his best grandma voice. “Well, come to think of it, I’m just glad you’re not with that cougar anymore.”

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