david zayas gotham 'Gotham': David Zayas to play feared Mob boss Sal MaroniSgt. Batista is switching to the other side of the law. Deadline reports “Dexter” alum David Zayas will play a role in FOX’s Batman prequel “Gotham” this fall.

In a departure from his character on the Showtime series, Zayas will reportedly play mob boss Salvatore Maroni, a figure from the Batman comics. According to Batman mythology, Maroni is a street operator who controls the city’s drug trade and unions. He is second only to Carmine Falcone (John Doman) in power and accessibility and has a hefty appetite for violence.

Maroni is also responsible for disfiguring D.A. Harvey Dent, thus creating the villain Two-Face. But that’s way down the road — in “Gotham” the character is still finding his strength and trying to expand his territory. He will spend most of his coming-up process trying to gain the upper hand from Falcone.

In addition to “Dexter,” Zayas’ credits include “Oz,” “The Expendables” and the upcoming “Annie” remake.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins